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Roof Experts Window Installations

Choosing the right window for your needs can be a challenging process, and there is a vast number of options that make the whole thing more difficult as a homeowner. To help make this easier, our team of experienced professionals at Roof Experts understands that every home is unique and that the installation of new or replacement windows is more than just simply placing a standard pane of glass into a hole in the wall. Window installation is all about making sure that your custom window will fit perfectly with the needs and design of your home. 

Every window is only as good as the installation behind it, and our team takes pride in going the extra mile to make sure your windows will give you the long-term comfort and quality you deserve. Purchasing a high-quality window that is installed improperly could result in several problems down the road including building code violations, leaking air, or even water damage throughout the structure of your home.


When you’re thinking about adding a new window or even replacing an existing one, it is important to work with a contractor who can back up their claims of high-quality service with real experience, photos, and even reviews from other customers. Our team at Roof Experts invite you to take a look at our photo gallery to see before-and-after shots of other projects we’ve worked on. We’ve been providing new and replacement window installation services for quite a long time, and each member of our team is committed to maintaining a focus on professionalism and quality of work. 

Our window installation services include:

  • Preparation of the work area to avoid unwanted dust or debris inside your home.
  • Careful removal and inspection of the old window to be sure no additional work is needed.
  • A thorough cleaning of the frame to be sure your new window will function properly for as long as possible.
  • Insulation and sealing of the frame to be sure that your new window will effectively protect your interior from unwanted air infiltration.
  • A final inspection of the newly installed window to check for any unexpected complications or concerns.
  • Clean up of the work area that includes the convenient removal of your old windows so that you aren’t forced into tackling this problem yourself.


Once your custom window has been properly fitted into the desired frame of your home and all the work is completed by our installers, they aren’t just going to drive off into the sunset. An important part of making sure that you are comfortable with the work is taking the time to have a conversation about the work that was done. Our team is always ready to talk about the custom window that was installed so that you can feel comfortable about the product and any special features that may need to be demonstrated. Along with this, we are always willing to give you additional tips and advice on the best ways to operate, care for, and maintain your new window to make sure it will protect your home and quality of life for as long as possible. Also, our team of experienced professionals is prepared to answer any follow-up questions you might have about the window, the installation process, or even the other services we provide if you are thinking about taking on other home improvement projects in the future.


As a company that has been servicing the Dallas-Fort Worth area for three generations, we have decades of experience installing windows across North Texas. Our professional servicemen understand the unique challenges and problems that can occur thanks to the unpredictable nature of the local climate, and we believe in the value of respecting the needs of every client and homeowner. We are always ready to go above and beyond to meet the needs of the people that we have the pleasure of working with.

Our team understands that having a high-quality window that has been properly installed can have a huge impact on the daily comfort and peace of mind of you and your family, and we make sure that every part of the process is completed properly so that your window will last you for as long as possible. If you need a window installation or replacement you can rely on, be sure to contact our office today for a free estimate!

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