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The roof is the first and basic level of protection against the elements – sunlight, rain, hail, snow and wind, but usually this is the last thing the homeowner thinks of. In addition, much of what they thought they knew turned out to be just a myth that was constantly being expelled. Some homeowners can only buy one or two new roofs for the rest of their lives. Making bad decisions for important parts of your home can cause problems such as humidity problems, unnecessary high energy costs or structural damage. At Roof Experts, LLC in Haltom City, TX, our team of skilled professionals is always ready to work with homeowners on all their roof related projects including repairs.

When it comes to roofing repairs, there are a few perceptions out there that aren’t entirely accurate. To help people in the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area who need repairs on the roofs of their home or business, we decided it would be great to spend some time going over a few of the more common myths related to roofing repairs. Having a clear understanding of how to handle your roof the right way can go a long way towards making sure that all the repairs you need are handled the right way the first time.


There are many building codes that state that this is acceptable. The fact is, however, that there is no way to check the condition of the underlying layer if old shingles are not removed. This means that new roofing material will likely suffer the same damage at a later time if it isn’t taken care of properly.

Think of shingles like apple skin. Have you ever taken a bite of this bright red skin just to enter the soft, sore, muddy inner area of a rotten fruit? There is a layer of wood panels (usually plywood) under the shingles. The coating can rot due to leakage, insufficient ceiling ventilation or just aging. The recommended way to inspect this critical layer is to remove old shingles.


Fiberglass laminates and fiberglass products are now better than ever and are the result of a lot of industry experience and research. Shingles are considered to have a level of sustainability – some of which have been guaranteed for 50 years – and extreme wind resistance of up to 200 km / hour. Leading roof manufacturers such as GAF and CertainTeed even offer a limited lifetime guarantee.

Some shingles are made to fight specific problems. In wetlands, some roofs may show black mold over time. Algae-resistant shingles have been developed to overcome this problem and contain zinc and embedded copper granules. When this material hits the water on the roof, they turn into natural algae. Other shingles look like wood shakes or tiles.


Adding more insulation can block the ventilation holes of the sofa and roof and trap moisture. Moisture absorbed can rotate and destroy the case from the ceiling and can be a source of mold. There is a special relationship between insulation and ventilation – adding more insulation does not solve the problem. Insulation is assessed using thermal resistance called an R-value, which shows resistance to heat flow. The higher the value of R, the higher the insulation efficiency. Determination of the existing R value is based on the type of insulation and its thickness. Increasing the R value with another layer of glass fiber seems logical. However, adding insulation material can vary the temperature of the wall and might cause condensation in the attic. Proper ventilation prevents moisture accumulation and ensures a stable ceiling temperature in both winter and summer. Ventilation devices, including fans, vents, vents, and air ducts, are specified in square inches for Net Free Area (NFA). Signs of inadequate ventilation are ice resistant, mildew at the bottom of the cladding and excessive buildup of cold on the roof terrace or ceiling.


If you’re trying to plan a roofing project, but you’re not sure about how to move forward in the best possible way, trying to figure it out alone is never a good idea. Instead, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experienced roofing contractors at Roof Experts, LLC in Haltom City, TX today!

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