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With the entire country on lockdown, business are scrambling to find out whether or not they qualify as essential. Last month, the Department of Homeland Security stated “essential critical infrastructure workers” are allowed to stay open, but what does that mean? Roofers aren’t sure whether or not they fall under that definition, but we know the essential nature of our services. That’s why Roof Experts is still open for business, and our team is still dedicated to giving you long-lasting repairs when you need it.


Every building, residential or commercial, has a roof. Every roof is susceptible to damage, and repairs are often needed to keep businesses running and to ensure the safety of homeowners. A service that’s so widely needed should be considered essential. Leaving a damaged roof can cause mold, structural damage, and collapse. The sooner we’re able to repair a roof, the better. If all roof repairs are put off until the end of the lockdown, houses and commercial buildings could collapse. 


At Roof Experts, we know our services can’t always wait. That’s why we’re still open for business. We’re taking more precautions than ever to stay safe while we give your roof the repairs it needs. The world may be a hysterical mess, but you can still count on Roof Experts.


When we visit your house on a service call, you can rest assured that we’re doing everything we can to keep you safe. Before our roofers can go out on service calls, their temperature is checked. If they have a fever, they’re sent home to rest so they don’t get anyone else sick. We’ll wear gloves and masks to every house we serve, and our team will keep at least 6 feet from the client whenever possible. We change protective equipment after every client to avoid bringing anything harmful into your home. 

We’re doing everything we can, but we ask that you do a couple of things to help keep our team and our future clients safe. First, please call and reschedule your repair if you get sick. It’s an unfortunate inconvenience, but letting us know is essential to keeping our team safe. It might also be a good idea to disinfect any door knobs, tables, or other surfaces we might come into contact with. Disinfecting before and after your repair will help keep everyone safer.


Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, Roof Experts is still dedicated to giving you high-quality roofing repairs when you need them. Our team of experienced roofers will tell you exactly what’s wrong with your roof and how we can fix it, and we’ll let you know of any other problems we find while we’re up there. With Roof Experts, you’ll get high-quality roofing repairs at a price you can afford. Call or visit our website today to request our services!

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